Lieutenant colonel Yu and Major Usapi who were rescued from
the energy plant were invited to the top floor in a beautiful building
near an artificial lake. It seems that Piyo-Rina who was a little
damaged is being repaired at another place.
' Well..... I'm Lieutenant colonel Yu, and he is Major Usapi. We belong
to the lunar base of the Earth-Navy.... We made an emergency
landing here because of the accident which occurred in our mission.
Thank you very much for your rescue... '
Yu said, and Star-Princess answered calmly.
'You are the visitors who came to the peaceful HORAI-City after an
interval of 80 years. Please stay peacefully until you recover from
 tiredness. '
I-19 and Ha-883 are looking from the round window interestedly.
' They are intruders who violated airspace of the Horai-city. Star-
Princess, the soldiers of the earth should be deported at once!! '
I-19 said.
' I thought that the earth exists only in the fantastic tales. I want to
know about the earth! Are there cute robot-girls in the earth?
Visitors, please tell me. ' Ha-883 said.
' Pyon, the earth is being invaded by the Piyo-Piyo space aliens,
and is in the pinch which we have never experienced before. But
we also don't know about HORAI-City at all... Could you tell us
about HORAI-City, pyon? '
' Yes. Please ask about HORAI-City, about me, and about every
-thing which you want to know. ' Star-Princess answered.
What do you want to know?
About the showplaces in HORAI
About the history of HORAI
About Star-Princess
About the robots
About the fashion and the culture
About the war between the earth and Piyo-Piyo
About the repair of Piyo-Rina
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