' Piyo! I have received a telepathy communication from somewhere, piyo! '
 Suddenly Piyo-Rina said. She completed being repaired at the dock of the
3rd factory of Horai-city, and the functions of her body were being checked.
' Your antenna is the device of telepathy-communication, isn't it? .....
We managed to repair that, but we only understand that it's a kind of radio.
We also repaired the function of image-projection. Could you try that? '
Star-Princess said, and Piyo-Rina nodded. Then the image which Piyo-Rina
received began to be projected on the wall of the factory, and the voice also
began to sound from her built-in speaker.
Hm... It seems that our negotiation has broken down.
They found that the communication was sent to the Piyo-Piyo fleet from
the transporter Andes in which Marshal Gohojo and Lieutenant general
Pender are meeting.
' Our important Piyo-Rina robot fell into the sun because of the careless activity
of your robot, pen. '

' Originally, your battle robot left your spaceship without necessity. Then we lost
the lunar-construction robot, Lieutenant colonel Yu, and Major
Usapi! '
' There is no consensus point in our discussion, pen...... I'll go back to our space
ship. Good bye, pen. '

Lieutenant colonel Yu and Major Usapi and Piyo-Rina found that they
were thought to have fallen into the sun. They were shocked, and felt

' Oh! I'm troubled..... Piyo-Rina!  With telepathy, can you tell to them
that we are all alive? '
Yu said, and Piyo-Rina tried for many times. But soon, she was
disappointed and answered.
' Piyo, too bad...... One of my antenna was lost, so it seems that I cannot
send the telepathy message, piyo. '
' If you cannot make them know that you are alive, their combats will
 start. '
 Seriously, Star-Princess said to everyone.
' I shall send you to your fleet by my space ship. Now, please hurry up....!'
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