' The course is clear. Star-Princess, the preparation for the take off of the
space superexpress Comet was completed! '
' OK, I-19. The space-superexpress Comet, let's go!! '
Star-Princess signaled, and soon the space superexpress Comet started
quietly from the platform which existed on the second floor of Horai-castle.
The traffic of Horai-city and the earth or other space cities has been broken
off for a long time, so this Comet of Star-Princess is the only spaceship of
Horai which endures the long distance space flight.
When the sending of Piyo-Rina, Lieutenant colonel Yu, and Mejor Usapi was
decided, Comet was prepared for take off at once. Piyo-Rina got on the large
freight room. Lieutenant colonel Yu and Major Usapi got on the cabin. And
Star-Princess, I-19, and Hazzan got on the cockpit.
Comet do not have weapons except the almighty-fan of Star-Princess. But
the fuel and food were installed in the full space.
' I-19, I'll stand on the deck. '
When the speed of Comet which started from the Horai-city stabilized,
Star-Princess said so, and she put on the helmet, and began to walk to
the airlock. It seems that she is preparing for going out of the space ship.
' Woooow!! I see. Princess, please be careful! '
Lieutenant colonel Yu was surprised, and asked to Star-Princess, who is
walking to the airlock.
' Oh!! That's dangerous! Why do you go out??! '
' It is a custom that the command of the fleet stands on the deck, since
the era when the space battleship had the open air bridge..... Doesn't the
command of the earth fleet do so? '

Yu shook the head to the left and right, and Star-Princess smiled.
' In the space ship of Horai, the command of the fleet stands on the deck
at the important situation. That's all right! I will not fall from the ship
because the super-strong magnets are installed in my shoes. '
With the radio in her helmet, Star-Princess who is standing on the deck
called on I-19 and Hazzan to accelerate Comet toward the point where
the earth fleet and the Piyo-Piyo fleet were facing.
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