' Commander Iyan! something is flying toward the point where the earth fleet and
the Piyo-Piyo fleet are facing, in a very high speed! '
Commander Iyan who returned from space battleship Chomolungma to the earth
is doing the combat preparation of the earth, at the urgent command-place which
 is set up on the 25th floor of Peach-Cross-tower in the center of the Iyapopolis.
Hearing the warning, Dr. Moro-O, Mena Cat, and Ran of Mars-base have arrived
in order to help Iyan.
Hearing the voice of Ran who reports the finding of the unknown flying object,
Commander Iyan turns around in the strained expression.
' The object which is flying at a very high speed? Pao! Ran, please show the data. '
' OK. I'll display the images sent from the satellite of Mars. '
Ran operated the console, and the unknown object was projected onto the large
' Meow!? It seems that a person is standing on the space ship! '

' Because the distance is very long, its outline is indistinct even if we use the
largest telescope.......... '
When Mena and Ran are talking about the images, Dr. Moro-O recalled something
and said with a large voice.
' It might........ It might be the......!! '
' Pao! Doctor, do you know something about that, pao?
' Hm... Once I've heard a legend from my great-grandfather..... '
' Could you tell us, pao? '
Commander Iyan asked, and Dr. Moro-O continued the talk.
' They say that there is the unknown space city called HORAI at somewhere in
this solar system, and successive Star-Princess governs there. And they also say
that when the space is filled with the war, Star-Princess will come riding a
comet...... '.
' Star-Princess? ..... Does she appear in order to help the earth, pao? '
Iyan asked with the wondering expression, and Dr. Moro-O shook his head to
the left and right.
' I don't know whether she is our friend or not. But they say that Star-Princess
has the huge power which can crush even a planet with one blow. If this person
is really Star-Princess, this is a danger situation for the earth fleet. Commander
Iyan, we should send an alert to the fleet at once!! '
' Pao, I see. She might be our friend, but I'll send the alert to the fleet soon, pao! '
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