Colonel Coris(captain) and Colonel Tigris(subleader) are looking at the radar
 screen in the bridge of battleship Besbios which is at the edge of the almost
globular earth fleet.
' Captain, something is coming here in a high speed..... The distance is 97000,
and that will come here in ten seconds! '
' I see. That might be Star-Princess about whom the earth sent us the alarm.
Let's send her the stop-signal with radio, and with optical signal. '
While they are talking, the point on the radar screen approaches the earth
fleet momently.
' Neglecting the signal, they rush into our globular fleet! '
' Irradiate the searchlight! Send all fleet the alarm at once!! '
Soon the images of shining Star-Princess who is irradiated with the searchlights
of battleship Besbios and other space ships around there were sent to all
space ships of the earth fleet and the Piyo-Piyo fleet.
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