' Captain! The flagship Chomolungma order us to do threat bombardment. '
Colonel Tigris reported, and Captain Coris answered in a tensed face.
' OK. Aim enough forward of them so as not to hit them. Load the armor
piercing shell! From the 1st turret to the 3rd turret, prepare the volley! '
The main guns of battleship Besbios began to move like a living thing, and
they aimed far forward of Comet which Star-Princess was riding.

' Princess, the earth fleet launched the armor piercing shells! '
I-19 who was looking at the detector in the cockpit of Comet informed
Star-Princess by the radio.
' If we decelerate, they will not hit us...... '
' I-19, Accelerate Comet! I'll use the gravity sword. '
Star-Princess fanned the golden fan which she had, and the parts of
the fan queued up in length. Then the fan became a beautiful sword.
' Wow!! The gravity sword was forged by the top sword-maker I-3, and
it is an invincible treasured sword that freely manipulates gravity. Does
that sword appear??  I understand! '
I-19 answered. And he accelerated Comet to the forward of the
cannonball which was launched by battleship Besbios.
' Wooow!! The earth fleet is shooting us, pyon! The cannonball looks just
a circle...... That comes straight here, pyon! '
' Really?... Major Usapi, what can we do? '
Lieutenant colonel Yu and Major Usapi who are looking from the window
of the cabin are feeling uneasy very much.
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