' I have a question, pyon. The clothes and buildings of HORAI look like the
clothes and buildings of a certain country on the earth. But they look
unique, I feel. Pyon. '
Major Usapi asked, and Star-Princess smiled and nodded.
' The space combat suits which the crews of the space battleship HORAI
were wearing when the Horai-city was established have changed gradually,
and this design was made.
Originally, the clothes of HORAI had many equipments and wirings, and
they were space suits at all. But the people of HORAI devised dressing
according to their sensibilities.... Through the age, it seems that the design
of our clothes is approaching the design of clothes of our home country
on the earth.
Although the design of my clothes don't seem to be the space suits, they
are just the space suits functionally. Only adding the helmet, I can go
to the space in these clothes. '
' Oh! These space combat suits which we are wearing are also the traditional
 clothes of the earth space navy! '

Lieutenant colonel Yu and Major Usapi were surprised at the clothes of
Star-Princess which accomplished the peculiar development in the long
years. And at the same time, they felt familiarity in the clothes very much.
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