We introduce to you some of the Horai- slapping-cards which are very
popular among the children in Horai-city. These cards have a very long
history, and have the many thousands of kinds. These three cards are
typical cards!
* I-19 *
* First of all, please print this page with the printer.
* Please cut cardboard or the corrugated cardboard in the same shape as the card, and paste the pictures on to those both sides.
* On the square cushion or on the table, the players alternately slap the cards.
* You win if you upset other player's card, or if you blow off other player's card from the square cushion or the table.
* The names of the techniques of soccer, baseball, and Sumo-wrestling are written on the cards. You can play by likening these cards to each game.

The score is counted by the number of the upset cards, or by the number of the stars drawn at the center of the cards. Oh, yes! Other original rules are OK, of course!
Please enjoy the HORAI-slapping-cards! ^0^)/
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