' Pyon, What kind of goods are sold in the shops of the HORAI-city? '
Usapi asked, and Star-Princess answered gladly.
' OK... Let's go shopping together! '
Star-Princess, I-19, Hazzan, Usapi, and Yu went out from the building, and
soon arrived at a lively shopping street in the vicinity.
' Hi, Star-Princess. Are you taking a walk? '
Soon after when they began to walk in the shopping street, someone called
from a shop.
' Hi, Ranko. Are you looking after the store today? '
' Yes, Princess. New sweets have arrived! Ah, are there some visitors?
How about the sweets or the plastic-models? '
Being suggested by the girl in glasses who is wearing the uniform of the
junior high school, they entered the shop.
' Ah, The plastic-models of the castles and space ships are very cool! '
' Pyon, this box on which the figures are written is the lot! Wooow! '
Lieutenant colonel Yu and Major Usapi remembered the child's mind, and
are very glad.
' Please sell me the slapping cards and the plastic-model of the castle, pyon. '
' I want caramel..... But, can the money of the earth be used? '
' Of course! The money of the earth, and even the money of Mars are OK. '
Hearing the answer of Ranko, Yu and Usapi were very glad. And they
bought the vinegar-seaweed, chewing gum, and the spaceship of cardboard.
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