' I'll assemble the plastic-model of the castle at once, pyon! '
Sitting on the bench in front of Ranko's candy-shop, hasty Usapi opened the
box of the plastic-model of Horai castle, and began to assemble.
' OK. Shall we also take a rest and drink a lemonade? '
Star-Princess and Yu bought lemonade at Ranko's shop, and sat together on
the bench where Usapi sat. Then they began to eat the caramel. It seems
that I-19 and Hazzan enthuse about the slapping-card match for quite a while.
' Wow! The parts of this plastic-model have already been painted, pyon! And
that's very cool, pyon! '
' Oh! A small doll of Star-Princess is attached, isn't it? Where is the doll
bonded? '
Lieutenant colonel Yu is looking at the hands of Major Usapi who is
assembling the plastic-model. Yu seems to be enjoying looking at the process
of assembly.
' Oh, yes! Of course Star-Princess have to be the top, pyon! '
Although there was no specification in the explanation chart, Major Usapi
installed the doll of Star-Princess on the top roof of the castle without
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