After they enjoyed the shopping street, they decided to go sightseeing in the sky of Horai-city, with the mechanical-palanquin of Star-Princess.
' Wow! This palanquin flies with such small propellers, pyon! That's great, pyon! '
Major Usapi was surprised, and I-19 smiled and answered.
' Do you think so? In Horai-city, this propeller is usual. Perhaps, the gravity of this planetoid is weaker than the gravity of the earth. '   
 The mechanical-palanquin of Star-Princess slowly flies over the city where many people live.
' Oh! Horai-city is very lively, isn't it? And this city is very beautiful! '
' Lieutenant colonel Yu, thank you very much. Although this place is only a small planetoid in the space, many people smile, cry, and live everyday on this planetoid.
Most residents are born here, and return to the soil of this planetoid..... Even though this planetoid is very small, this is our hometown. I and successive Star-Princess keep hoping that this planetoid is peace and is the happy place. '
Looking at the peaceful city, Yu nodded.
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