*** The showplaces of the space-city HORAI ***
HORAI Castle
They say that the space-city HORAI was built by a certain people of Far East, on a planetoid which is going around the Venus orbit. At about 100 years after establishment of HORAI, the self sufficiency was completed, and the communication between HORAI and the earth was almost stopped. HORAI accomplished peculiar development while succeeding the tradition of the hometown.
This mountain is a peak of the planetoid which
exists at the other side of the HORAI castle.
The height is about 500 meters, and Mt. HORAI
-FUJI has a beautiful conic shape. The school
children often go to there on picnic.
The City Hall
This is the City Hall of HORAI where the
affairs of state of the Horai city is done.
The pillars look too thin and this building
looks very unstable, but the gravity of
this planetoid is so small that such a
building can be constructed.
The energy plant

The energy plant serves the electric energy
for the 808 towns of the HORAI city. In the
tower, there is a liquid. And, the liquid moves
according to the posture of the planetoid.
This flow turns the turbine of the dynamo.
Oh, yes! Visitors, please listen! A little energy
makes the great electric energy! Wow!!
HORAI-Kinkaku Temple
This temple is the history material pavilion
which was built at the center of the city
in commemoration of the 200th city
construction anniversary. On the holiday,
many citizens visit this temple.
The third floor is usually stored in the roof
of the second floor. The third floor appears
on special holiday, and it means the festival.