The detail of the 'Samurai-Robot' I-19
Hi, guests. I'm I-19, the samurai-robot of HORAI. I was born in the Central-
Factory of HORAI at the same day when Star-Princess was born. And I
kept guarding Star-Princess everyday.
In the samurai-circuit which was built in me, the spirit of SAMURAI has been
programed. And my courage tank is always filled with powerful energy! OK!
I can fly with the rocket motor which is built in my feet.
What?! Do you think that I look weak?
No, no. My armor is made with the special ceramics, and this doesn't break
even if an elephant steps me. My iron fist can break a rock, if I want. But
our HORAI-city is so peaceful that I don't have the chance in which I use
my arms.
BGM: ' GO! GO! I-19 '
Let's go  to the far sky
Keep guarding Star-Princess
Let's go to even the end of space
Let's go to even the end of time
I am the number one
 guard of our princess
My first name is ' I '
And my second name is ' 19 '
The courage tank is filled
with powerful energy
I'll help weak people
I never obey to violence!
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