The detail of the business robot Ha-883 'HAZZAN'
Ladies and gentlemen! I am the 883rd Ha-class business robot, and
my nickname is 'HAZZAN'. Please good regards! My occupation
is a clerk of the toy wholesale store which is facing of HORAI-castle.
Star-Princess keeps visiting my shop since when she was little.
My feet are made with the caterpillar, and I can run very well on
unleveled ground. On planetoid Horai, there are a lot of rocks and
dunes. And I often go together when Princess and others go out.
Oh, yes! I'm an old friend of Princess and Mr. I-19!
OK! This is Hazzan train
Princess please get on this
The Star Fest is held in Horai
Leaves of the bamboo grass swing gently
The next station is the Milky-Way!
The next station is the Milky-Way!
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