' Oh! What is that?! '
Star-Princess and others arrived at the energy plant
which was built under the ground, and they found Piyo
-Rina and L-25 who came from the outside of the
gravity wall and of the shell of the space city. Piyo-
Rina and L-25 are moving hard, and Star-Princess and
others are very surprised.

' Star-Princess, it seems that they aren't the robot
soldiers of Horai-city. They are suspicious robots!
All guard soldiers, come here at once! '
' Mr. I-19, the plant was damaged seriously! We have
to repair the energy leakage at once.... '
I-19 and Ha-883 called Ro-class guard robots at
once with their inner radio.
' Piyo! Help me! I cannot move, piyo! '
Star-Princess found that Piyo-rina is moving hard and
is crying painfully. Then she told to I-19 at once.
' I-19, we should rescue them at first. '
' Yes, Princess!! '
Piyo-Rina and L-25 were dug out from the energy
plant by the Ro-class guard robots soon. Piyo-
Rina and Lieutenant colonel Yu and Major Usapi
felt relieved, and looked at each other.
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