HORAI-city of Star-Princess and others is a space city which was built
on a planetoid using the newest technology of the 25th century. And now
700000 people and about 1 million robots are living in the city.
The inside of the gravity wall which isn't visible is kept a constant
temperature like spring, and always the cherry blossoms are blooming.
' Mr. I-19! It's a serious situation!! '
' Oh, Hazzan. What happened at all? '
Ha-883 'Hazzan' talked to Star-Princess and I-19 who departed from
 the main area of HORAI castle and were walking toward the entrance
of the underground passageway of the 3rd area.
' Oh, yes! That's very serious. Something collided with the energy plant
 of the eighth block, and the panic occurred! '
' That's serious! That's serious! '
' Beeeeep! Beeeeep! Warning! Warning! '
' Scramble! Scramble! Let's go! '
When Star-Princess arrived at the 3rd area, the Ro-class guard robots
who are calling out something are urgently mobilizing to the underground
passage entrance all together.
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