' I-19, what is that?.... I heard a loud sound. '
The silver robot who was called I-19 answered suspiciously.
' Star-Princess, I also don't know. I'll go to patrol. '
The planetoid with which Piyo-Rina and others collided is the space city HORAI.
Space city HORAI was built in the 25th century by the people who came from a
certain islands in Far East of the earth.
Because they have the self sufficient technology, and because HORAI is so far
from the earth, they don't have any communications with the earth for 300 years.
So they have unique culture and language, and now a queen called Star-Princess
is ruling.
' I-19, I'll go together. '
Toward the place at which something collided, Star-Princess in large red
mantle began to walk on the passage which is surrounded by a beautiful
' Princess, that could be a wrecked ship from the earth. Please be careful
enough. '
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