Star-Princess and others who started from Horai-castle with the
mechanical palanquin decided to go to visit Piyo-Rina being repaired
 in the dock for large-scale robots of the 3rd factory in Horai-city.
' Piyo, piyo! You are the crews of the sumo-robot, aren't you? Are
you all right, piyo? '
Piyo-Rina's repair was progressed, and the consideration of her
electronic brain has already recovered. She found Lieutenant colonel
Yu and Major Usapi in the mechanical palanquin, and she talked
to them gladly.
' Hi, the cute ballerina of Piyo-Piyo. How are you? '
' My name is Piyo-Rina 7. I'm glad to see you, piyo. '
' Oh, I'm also glad to see you. But you look different from you who was
doing sumo wrestling in the space..... '
Yu incline the head. And Star-Princess began to speak calmly, looking
at Yu, at Usapi, and at Piyo-Rina.
' Piyo-Rina, welcome to Horai-city. My name is Star-Princess. .....With
her head, Piyo-Rina collided with the energy plant and she was damaged a
little. So we repaired her head antenna and her armorplate of the upper-
body with the material of this planetoid. Please test the condition of
restoration, after you refuel later.
By the way, I have a question..... '
' Oh, yes! We were doing sumo wrestling in the space! '
Lieutenant colonel Yu began to talk about the circumstances of their
colliding with Horai-city.
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