With gesture, Lieutenant colonel Yu explains the situations.
' Unknown space alien Piyopiyo people is the space alien who has the
advanced civilization. They can build super robots like Piyo-Rina.....
They lost their mother planet 'Piyo-Piyo planet', and were looking for
a new planet where they can live. Then they found our solar-system.
The earth fleet and the Piyo-Piyo fleet face each other in the Jupiter
orbit now. Our L-25 and Piyo-Rina started pushing each other by
accident...... '
' Oh... I see. It's a serious trouble for the earth! '
' Wow, wow, wow! We'll help the earth!! '
I-19 and Hazzan nodded greatly.
' The people of Horai is the descendants of the earthlings originally..... But
we hold fast to the policy of neutrality and the nonintervention for
earthling's fight, after our establishment. '
Star-Princess told to I-19 and Hazzan calmly.
' Moreover, both Piyo-Rina and Lieutenant colonel Yu and Major Usapi are
our important visitors, who are resting and being repaired here. ...I wish
that all of them can come back to their place safely. '
' I understand that you do not interfere in earthling's fight, pyon. But our
enemy is the space aliens! If you are the descendants of the earthlings,
please become our ally, pyon! '
Major Usapi said so, and jumped and jumped. Looking at him, Star-Princess
considered for a while. Then, she a little smiled.
' I was born on this planetoid, so both earthlings and Piyo-Piyo people are
the space-strangers.... We cannot become the ally of each side, but might
be able to help the peaceful solutions. '
' Oh! Are you going to help the peace? '
Yu was surprised, and jumped.
' Wow... Princess, really are you going to do so??! '
Star-Princess nodded greatly. And at once, I-19 and Hazzan determined.
' Yes, Princess! Then we obtain the mutual agreement of each agency of
Horai-city at once. '
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