' OK. I'll introduce you the establishment story of the HORAI-City. '
Star-Princess said, and smiled. Then, the room in which Major Usapi
and others are standing became dark like in the space, and large 3D
image of a space ship appeared. Funny BGM began to be heard from
somewhere, and Lieutenant colonel Yu looked around.
' Oh! Is this a 3D-movie?! '
' They say that it was in 2404. The United
Earth and the league of all Venus were
fighting in the space for 50 years or more.
Even if it was necessary for the
everlasting peace, the ancestors of us were
disappointed at the human race society
which always had to keep fighting. And they
seceded from the United Earth Navy with
the space battleship HORAI.
It was July 7 in 2404. They say that at
that day, the Milky Way was very beautiful. '
' Oh, yes! At that time, it was a war-torn era.
I learn that at the class of the history of
earth, pyon. ' Usapi nodded.
' They say that the space battleship HORAI
fought with the strange squid-type space
ninja for many times, while they were
traveling in the large space. And being
helped by space-snails they arrived at this
planetoid after the adventure voyage of 10
years. '

' Oh? Did squid space ninja appear? '
Yu was surprised and interested.
' The story of the establishment of HORAI
was made into a film, and was novelized for
many times. And all we don't know
the incidents in the story are real history
or fictions.... Perhaps, they are the symbols
of the hard accidents in the travel,
historians think. This 3D image of the
battleship HORAI is also the presumption. '
Star-Princess smiled, and continued the story. 
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