' Then... After the 10 years of drifting, the space battleship HORAI
arrived at the planetoid on which the HORAI-city was built now.
That scene was made to many pictures and stories. This is one
of the electronic sumi-e paintings made in the 28th century. '
' Oh! This sumi-e picture is an animation, pyon!! '
Major Usapi was surprised, and interested in the sumi-e picture
shown by Star-Princess.
' At that time, Admiral Star who was commanding battleship HORAI
made a poem. This poem became the source of our city anthem. '
' Could you sing that song for us? '
Lieutenant colonel Yu asked, and Star-Princess smiled. Then, she
began to sing the song.
3-D coordinates : 1305
0736 0902 : Fine weather
A planetoid was found : Portside
We'll land on for resources.
 Next day 10:00    Distance : 8000
3 explorer machines were launched
Land on  :  succeeded
Surface temperature  :  -40
The rock of surface was gathered
' Poem? This seems to be a navigation record, pyon.... '
Major Usapi said, and Lieutenant colonel Yu nodded.
' Oh, yes... For the people of HORAI, this navigation record might have
the meaning just like the story of  the discovery of a new continent.
Perhaps Admiral Star will be surprised if he could know that his
navigation record becomes the city anthem. '
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