' Hum.... The Piyo-Piyo fleet seems to start action!! '
Marshal Gohojo who looked into three-dimension radar at which Colonel Tris pointed
groaned instinctively.
' Is the shining point Piyo-Piyo fleet? ' Junko asked.
' Yes, Junko. The Piyo-Piyo fleet starts dividing into two groups. One of the groups is
small number of large-scale ships, and the other is a lot of small ships. ' Poporin said.
Marshal Gohojo nods with the strained look.
' Perhaps, either might be the invasion force which is going to land on the earth, and
the other might be the decoy-fleet which is going to attract us..... The group of large-
scale ships which is going straight to the earth is the decoy-fleet, I guess. ' Gohojo said.
' Pao! Then, if we intercept the group of a lot of small warships, we can obstruct the
invasion of the Piyo-Piyo space aliens, can't we? ' Iyan said.
' Surely, that's right. But they have too many ships! While we are intercepting this by
our best, the other fleet will arrive at the earth...... They might make the earth the
sea of flames. ' Marshal Gohojo answered.
' Wow! Should we intercept the group of large-scale ships at first? If we do so, we'll
be defeated by their decoy-operations. Because we are inferior in the number,
the method of dividing our fleet into two groups is out of the question. Both of the
divided fleet will be defeated, and the earth fleet might be annihilated....' Poporin said.
' Piyo-Piyo space aliens are saying " Piyo! Choose either allowing the invasion-force
to land on the earth obediently, or allowing the earth to become sea of flames! "
aren't they? ' Junko asked.
' Oh, yes! Junko. ' Marshal Gohojo answered.
They noticed the terrible invasion plan of Piyo-Piyo space aliens, and watched each
other with the bemused expression.
' Pao.... At first, we should make either fleet not be able to approach the earth!'
' How do we? Iyan. ' Poporin asked.
' Pao! We'll make three huge electromagnets by the crash job. And, we'll generate the
magnetic storm by all electric powers on the earth. Enemy's computers will not work
normally, and they will not be able to calculate the accurate approach-orbit. Althougt
the computers of our side on the earth will not work too, we might be able to get
time somewhat, pao! ' Iyan answered.
' Wow! At that time, we'll intercept two Piyo-Piyo fleets one by one, won't we? '
Poporin said.
' Whether the magnetic storm generator is in time... It's the turning point of the fight.
Yes, sir! There might not be other method with the possibility of winning. Commander
Iyan, Please return to Iyapopolis at once, and please prepare for the construction! '
Marshal Gohojo said.
Space battleship Chomolungma
After Iyan went into the electric transporting room, Marsnal Gohojo looked at Poporin
and Junko alternately, and said.
' Well..... Which Piyo-Piyo fleet shall we choose? '
 Small number of large-scale ships
A lot of small ships
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