'  OK! At first, let's defeat enemy's large-scale warships and remove the
threat to the earth! ' Poporin said.
' Yes, sir. The Earth-fleet, sortie!  Our target is enemy's fleet of large
-scale warships. '
At the same time when Marshal Gohojo commanded, all warships of the
earth fleet left the port, and began to go toward the Piyo-Piyo fleet,
making the sailing form.
' Marshal Gohojo! The emergency call came from the disguise cruiser Shina-nomal
that is going in front of us! '
The fleet passed the asteroid-belt, and soon Colonel
Chris's voice sounded in the bridge of battleship Chomolungma.
' Read it aloud. '
" Enemy ship (unconfirmed) is seen. 4500 Km from Jupiter orbit. 17:37
The relay of the image begins. "
The image of the Piyo-Piyo fleet sent from Shina-nomal is displayed on the
 all-surrounding screen of the bridge.
' Wooow... That's a strange formation!! ' Poporin was surprised.
' The enemy seems to be taking the bird-net form in preparation for the
distance bombardment.... Colonel Chris, send a report to Iyapopolis. '
" Receiving the warning of the discovery of the enemy fleet, we are going to catch
and intercept them. Today, the magnetic field is steady, but the
olar wind is strong. 17:40 "

When Colonel Chris was sending Iyapoporis the report, the image on the
screen was interrupted suddenly.
' The image was stopped! Shina-nomal was sunk. '
Colonel Tris who was tracing Shina-normal on radar shouted.
' Oh... Are the crews safe? ' Junko asked.
' Junko, most crews of the space fleet are the Chris-class androids.
Few human being is in the fleet. ' Poporin answered.
' The Chris-class androids have been designed to be able to return to the Mars
base by themselves even if they were thrown out to the space! The crews
of Shina-normal are three Chris-class androids. ' Marshal Gohojo said.
' .... Alice and Clarice's two identification signals have been confirmed. They are going
for Mars by themselves. Another android, Lilith seems to have been
destroyed. After
the fleet battle, we will recover her memory device and
she will be reproduced. '
Colonel Tris said.
' The android crews are able to be revived as long as the factories or the
maintenance facilities on the earth weren't destroyed, but Junko and Poporin
aren't be able. Please put on the space suit before it is too late. And, if battleship
Chomolungma was damaged, please take shelter with the electric-transporting
machine without panicking. ' Marshal Gohojo said.
Poporin and Junko looked at the screen where the image disappeared, and
were thrilled by the fight in the space.
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