On the other hand, here is the construction-field of the magnetic-
storm generation device in the southern part of the Sahara desert.
Yadopi who was summoned from the Mars base in haste and Commander
Iyan are seriously looking at the situation of the construction.
' Pao! Electromagnetic fortress Babel-01. When this started to be operated
once, all electric wave arms, communication apparatuses, magnetic storages,
and electromagnetic screens, etc. on the earth and surrounding the earth
will cause the troubles. This is the Tower of Babel in the 31st century. '
Iyan said.
' We gather all the construction robots, and are constructing it around the
clock. The present progress rate is about 40%. The electric wire to supply
the electric power from the west region of India - Europe and Africa -
will be completed in four hours! '  Yadopi answered.
' Pao. Babel-01 is in the southern part of Sahara. Babel-02 is in the
 Malay Peninsula. Babel-03 is in the upstream of the Amazon river. We
shall defend the whole earth with these three devices. Even if only the first
floor or the second floors were completed, we will have to begin to operate
the part where the electromagnetic coil was completed. We have to hurry
up, pao! '
' But, Piyo-Piyo space people are the space refugees, aren't they? Cannot
we live on the earth together? ' Yadopi asked.
' Pao... Those with whom we don't know whether we can converse are
approaching the earth, showing military power. I have to defend the
earth from their first attack without fail, pao. ' Iyan answered.
At that time, Ran who is a part-timer and have returned from the Mars
base with Yadopi reported loudly to them.
' The head of the earth fleet encountered the Piyo-Piyo fleet! That begins... '
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