' The Piyopiyo fleet was caught in our optical sight! The distance is 200,000
kilometers. '
With the steady voice, Colonel Chris reports that both fleets mutually
entered the effective range.
' The first combat formation! According to the information from the
front-fleet, the main force of the enemy seems to be the ray arms.
Compose the gravity barrier in front of our fleet. And, advance in
Indian file. The maximum combat speed! '
Soon after Marshal Gohojo's command is transmitted to each ship,
one row column is formed behind the gravity barrier. And all warships of
the earth fleet make a dash.
' Piyo! They come, by trail formation! '
The Piyopiyo fleet which also caught the enemy in their effective range
begins the fighting movement at once.
' Piyo! They want to be shortening the distance.... Their main weapons must
be the large mass type cannonballs which are slower than the ray arms! '
Trying to forecast the attack pattern from the movement of the earth
fleet, Marshal Kneadfoodsky watches the screen by large eyes.
' Piyo! The refraction of the space is confirmed in front of enemy's fleet.
Perhaps, they try to change the refractive index hour by hour, and to avert
our ray. Piyo. '
' OK.... The mist net formation, Piyo! Spread out the interval of each warship
up to 230 Piiyo, and encircle them. We do concentrated attack from all
surroundings of them! Piyo! '
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