' The Piyo-Piyo fleet exceeded the edge of the gravity barrier. The first bombardment
was confirmed! It comes!! '

The big-diameter laser beam launched by the battleship of Piyo-Piyo navy
vibrates the air in battleship Chomolungma, and passes by the gunwale.
Colonel Tris is watching position of both fleets which changes hour by hour.
' We succeeded in the inducement of the Piyo-Piyo fleet in all directions of us.
Marshal Gohojo, we've gotten the chance now! '

' OK. Begin bombarding! '
Chomolungma advancing at the top of the earth fleet started bombarding.
Then each warship that advances in a single line formation begins to launch
the cannonball which is made with rock of neutron star and has huge mass.
' Piyoooo! Our enemy rushes into the center of our fleet which is taking
the diffusion form, and effectively they are using the cannonballs which
are shot to opposite gunwale for the reaction-counterbalance. If we
are infiltrated by them any more, our fleet might shoot our own fleet! '
Quickly guessing the intention of the earth fleet, Colonel Parakeetman
reported to Marshal Kneadfoodsky. And, Marshal Kneadfoodsky ordered
all ships of the Piyo-Piyo fleet to accelerate.
' Piyo! Advance keeping shooting, and turn around at the back side of earth
fleet. Attack the ship of their tail intensively. And, sink all of them one by one,
piyo! '
 Either fleet doesn't effectively hit the other fleet, and the position of them
is changed bewilderingly.
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