' Piyo-Piyo fleet keeps the diffusion form, and is going to our back side. '
' OK, Colonel Tris. How about the damage of our fleet? '
Marshal Gohojo asked.
' Battleship Manaslu and Kilimanjaro are bombarded, but they can keep combatting. '
' Our 47th volley arrived at the enemy! Some of them were confirmed to have hit a large
-scale battleship of Piyo-Piyo fleet....
At the same time as the ending of the report of Colonel Chris who is watching
the shooting command device, the laser-beam of the Piyo-Piyo navy destroyed
the ceiling of battleship Chomolungma, and came into the inside of the bridge
with a large sound that destroys the metal!
' Woooow!! '
Poporin and Colonel Tris who was in the close vicinity of the  bombarded location
were thrown out from the hole that the laser-beam had made to space by the big
' Oh!! Poporin! '
' Junko, There is no cause for panic! Colonel Chris, report on the damage. '
  Marshal Gohojo said.
' Piyo-Piyo's laser-beam hit the bridge, and it penetrated to the bottom!
impossible to combat. And impossible to control the engine. The pressure of the reactor
is rising. It will explode soon!!
' Hum.... '
Groaning, Marshal Gohojo determined the move of the flagship without hesitating.
' Junko, Poporin must be all right as long as he is with Colonel Tris. As soon as
possible, we should take shelter to battleship Annapurna which is the 2nd ship
of our fleet. Colonel Chris, tell all crews to evacuate! '
' A wireless communication of Colonel Tris was received. She says that she discovered
Poporin in space...... Our headquarters change ships from battleship Chomolungma to
battleship Annapurna. All crews, evacuate! '

Looking back for many times, Junko moved to battleship Annapurna with
the electric-transporting machine after Marshal Gohojo and Colonel Chris.
After all of crews finished evacuating by the electric transporting machine,
battleship Chomolungma that was damaged and was almost cut back and forth
 at the bridge part lost the control of the engine, and caused the large explosion,
and sank.
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