' WOOOW!! Help me! '
' Mr. Poporin,  be steady! '
Colonel Tris ran after Poporin by the built-in small rocket, and she gripped
the left hand of Poporin who were screaming and flying in the space.
' Wow.... Colonel Tris, thanks! Please take me to battleship Chomolungma. '
Seeing Poporin who clasps her hand tightly with eyes filled by tears, Colonel
Toris made her synthetic voice to be natural tone as much as possible, and
' Poporin. by wireless, Chris says that battleship Chomolungma sank......
Because the fleet is combat-sailing at all velocities, it's impossible to catch
up by my rocket. '
' ..... Cannot we return to the fleet any longer? Must we die here?..... '
' Poporin, never give up! In the space, your death will be decided at the moment
when you gave up. '
Looking at Colonel Tris's settled eyes, Poporin has recovered his self-possession.
' We are flying in the direction of the center of the solar system at a terrible
speed..... The earth is nearer than Mars from here. But we cannot land on the
earth because we don't have the equipments for rushing into the atmosphere.
We will manage to land on the lunar base.... The distance takes about five days. '
' Wow! In my air tank, there is only air for 48 hours.... I die without fail!! '
Poporin confirmed the amount of the remainder of the air of the space suit, and
he was dispirited. But colonel Tris said, encouraging him.
' Please make the temperature lower slowly, and please freeze-hibernate. Then,
the air will suffice enough. Don't worry. I'll take you to the lunar base. '
' However, you seem to have been injured, Colonel Tris.... '
' Only the lid of the switch panel was lost by the impact. I'm all right.... Now you
have to hurry up. Otherwise, the air will decrease. '
Colonel Tris said so, and Poporin determined that. He set the switch - which is on
the neck of the space suit - to the freeze-hibernation mode. Then, he started
the very deep sleep soon.
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