Space battleship Annapurna is the 2nd ship of the Chomolungma class
space battleships, and is the latest ship completed almost at the same
time when the first ship was completed.
To improve the operation ability of the carrier-based aircraft, the
structures of battleship Annapurna are arranged on the starboard.
And, there are a big flying deck and the launching devices on the port side.
These are the biggest difference points with battleship Chomolungma.
' Marshal Gohojo, are you all right?..... '
When Marshal Gohojo, Colonel Chris, and Junko arrived at the bridge of
Annapurna with the electric transporting machine, Colonel Paris with light
fair hair who is the captain of Annapurna came running.
'......Colonel Tris has been ....... thrown out to space by the impact of the
bombardment. Colonel Paris, become the new information-staff after her,
and rebuild the earth fleet headquarters! ' Marshal Gohojo said.
The artificial-skin face of Colonel Paris stiffened because of the tension.
' Yes, sir! But I have never experienced the information staff..... '
' Colonel Paris, Colonel Tris who is taking shelter to the lunar base is sending the
data. Receive it early. '

Colonel Chris urges Colonel Paris, and she begins to receive the electric
wave from space.
' Coordinates of both fleets immediately before sinking of Chomolungma, and the
damage of each ship, and the military results data, have been received.
Each ship of
the earth fleet is switching the line..... Now all ships are able to
receive the command
from Annapurna! '
Colonel Paris reported.
' Marshal Gohojo, we have recovered the function as the flagship. Marshal's flag is
hoisted. ' Colonel Chris reported.

Marshal Gohojo nodded to their reports, and commanded to continue the
combat at once.
' Starboard 40 degrees! We turn and rush into the enemy's fleet again. '
Junko is looking at the exit of the electric transporting machine.
' Are Poporin and Colonel Tris safe?..... '
Marshal Gohojo turned toward her, and answered.
' Because the Earth fleet is fighting now, if a small boat to save them was
launched, that cannot return to the fleet..... Now, we have no way to rescue
them, from this ship. The wireless communication of Colonel Tris has been
received by also the lunar base without fail! All right, you don't have to worry. '
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