Poporin was dreaming at a little time before his brain freezes by
frozen hibernation.
( Wow... Who are these guys?? Are they space aliens?..... )
Two space aliens (may be) in the dream are quarreling about a big
light blue jewel in the place like the cathedral.
Black alien : ' ... Happiness is the realizing the wish. My wish is to
get this extremely beautiful jewelry. .....You should renege. '

Red alien : ' My wish is the same. You should search for another
jewel. '
Black alien : ' Let's separate this jewel for two parts. And let's get
our each half wish. '
Red alien : ' The half of the jewel doesn't have any value. '
Black alien : ' In such case, what should we do? '
Red alien : ' Either of us should give it up, or we have to fight, I
guess. '

( You should be reconciled! If the beauty of the jewel is important,
together you should keep that.... ) Poporin thought, but he couldn't
talk to them in his dream.
Black alien : ' ... OK. Let's duel. Until, the death and the life part us. '
( Wow!.... )
Red alien : ' I see. If I can do my best, I'll never regret. Even if I die...'
( ... NO! You shouldn't die! )
While looking at two space aliens in his dream who set up arms,
Poporin's brain got frozen. And, it seems that two space aliens have
disappeared soon.
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