In the battlefield which was filled with the wreckages of Piyo-Piyo
spaceships and earth spaceships, the Piyo-Piyo flagship Piyoda was
very crowded with Piyo-Piyo soldiers who were teleported from the
sunk ships.
' Piyo! The earth-fleet breaks through! Now the residual ratio of our
fleet is 41%, and the residual ratio of the enemy is 49%! Both fleets
have been damaged seriously! '
Colonel Parakeetman reports excitedly, but Marshal Kneadfoodsky
still keeps settling down and commanding.
' Piyo! To the preliminary barbettes, place soldiers who take shelter
from the sunk ships. '
' Marshal, if the ships were lost any more, the encirclement to the
enemy thins too much, piyo. '
' Colonel Parakeetman, I know that.... The duty of our fleet is to
prevent the enemy from attacking our landing-fleet which is going
to the earth by another route, piyo. Before we become not to able
to encircle the enemy, it is necessary to decrease the number
of their ships, piyo! '
' Shall we begin the short-range bombardment battle, piyo? '
' Yes. Making the flagship the head, form the trail formation, piyo! All
ship, full velocities! Prepare for the parallel-bombardment battle! '
Soon forming a line, the Piyo-Piyo fleet was accelerated, and began
to sail side by side with the earth fleet.
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