Taking the hand of Poporin - the inside of his helmet was frosted by the
frozen hibernation - , Colonel Tris managed to arrive at the place that is
distant from the lunar base for about 12 hours.
' I have to check my system... There is no damaged memory cluster. The bus
of the power system and the bus of the built-in arms system are normal.
But, I have used the rocket fuel too much to catch Poporin..... I must
reversely jet to make a soft landing on the moon, but the fuel isn't enough.
When we arrive at the orbit of the moon, we can do nothing but wait for
the shuttle..... '
At that time, Colonel Tris's optical sensor caught a gigantic fleet which is
advancing to the direction of the earth.
' ...!! What's that?... '
It seems that Colonel Tris and Poporin have encountered the forward of the
Piyo-Piyo earth landing force.
' That's no good! If I execute a combat maneuver, frozen Poporin will be broken.
Moreover, if I use the fuel any more at here, we'll not be able to arrive at even
the orbit of the moon. '
Colonel Tris's electronic brain desperately searches for the action which
she should take. Then, the Piyo-Piyo fleet seems to have found them.....
A ship of the fleet quietly approached them, and a small space boat was
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