' OH!!'
While Colonel Tris was considering what she should do, the Piyo-Piyo space
boat approached Colonel Tris and Poporin.... And the outboard manipulator
from the boat has captured the head of Colonel Tris firmly.
' Ah, I'll become a captive.... Or, must I be shot and die? '
By the manipulator, Colonel Toris and Poporin were carried to the airlock,
where Piyo-Piyo soldiers were waiting holding big weapons.
' Piyo! You have become our captives. Be caught calmly! Piyo! '
At the very high speed, Colonel Tris calculated the amount of remaining-
energy and her war potential, and found that the possibility to run away
was 0.2% or less. Then, she nodded slightly.
' Piyo? You are a crew of the sunk earth-battleship, aren't you? You seem
to be a naval-officer. Based on the space standard war agreement, you'll
be able to get the treatment as the naval-officer, piyo! The person doing
frozen-hibernation is... '
' Piyo, piyo!?? '
Looking at the face of Poporin in the helmet where frost melt partly,
Piyo-Piyo soldiers were surprised and saw each other's face.
' Piyo! He must be one of the Poppo-race of the Piyo-Piyo people! Have
you rescued him? Piyo? '
' No, Poporin isn't a Piyo-Piyo people, but was born on the earth.... '
' You don't have to tell a lie, piyo. ... I've thought that the earthlings are the
barbarians, but you rescued an enemy's victim. I get a new opinion
about the earthling. Piyo, please come here. I'll take you to the wardroom,
piyo! '
Again and again, Colonel Tris told them that Poporin is an earthling, but
Piyo-Piyo soldiers didn't agree at all.
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