The small space boat arrived at a large space ship. Then, the green-color Piyo
-Piyo soldiers handed Colonel Tris and Poporin over to the officer. The Piyo-
Piyo officer takes them to the upper cabin which seems to be the bridge of the
space ship.
' Admiral, we have accommodated a drifting earth robot officer, and our frozen
soldier, piyo! '
' Pohhh, thanks for your effort. Poh. '
In front of a three-dimensional screen where the complex gravitational field and
the solar wind are displayed, a Piyo-Piyo general who wears the large shoulder
straps says calmly.
' You... You look like..... '

At the moment when Colonel Tris looked at the face of General Piyo-Piyo who
was called an Admiral, she understood the reason why Poporin was thought one
of the race of Piyo-Piyo space people.
' Welcome to heavy-cruiser La-Piyon....  I'm Major General Poe who is the
commander of the 752nd force of the Piyo-Piyo earth invasion fleet. Poh....
Please introduce yourself. '
' I am Colonel Tris, belonging to the earth fleet command, and am former
information staff. And this frozen person is.... '
' Pohhh, he must be the Poppo race, and I'm also that race. Thank you very
much for your rescuing him! We are the same space sailors. When wrecked,
there is no distinction between the enemy and the ally. Please heal tiredness
peacefully, pohh. '
' But, really Poporin is an earthling! '
Hearing colonel Toris's remark, Major General Poe inclines her round face a
' Pohhh.... Were there any Piyo-Piyo persons naturalized in the earth before
starting the war? Anyway, he must be our family. My subordinate guides you
to the wardroom in the stern. Please defrost him at ease, pohh. '
The officer who had brought them from the deck to the bridge saluted to
Major General Poe, and guiding them again, he began to walk down the corridor.
Still feeling thrill a little... Colonel Tris holding frozen Poporin follows the officer.
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