' Please, board this. Piyo. '
At a large space in the space ship, the Piyo-Piyo naval
officer made Colonel Tris and Poporin board a skiff. And,
they went toward the wardroom in the stern.
On the floor of the large space, there are a lot of equipments
like capsules. The air is cold, and there is no sound at all.
' What are these equipments....? '
' Piyo. Our small battleships are also the immigrant ships
of people who escaped from the planet Piyo-Piyo.....
Doing the frozen hibernation, they are enduring the hundreds
of years of voyage here. Only soldiers like us are defrosted
in rotation, and execute the duty. Piyo. '
(Now, I can deal a serious blow to Piyo-Piyo aliens...)
When Colonel Tris saw the Piyo-Piyo people who were
defenseless in the capsule, she thought, by chance. But
she recalled Poporin held in her arms, and shook her head.
(People in the capsule don't know even the fact that the
war has occurred. Moreover, they cannot resist at all like
Even if they become soldiers when they are defrosted, if
I attacked here now, I might mark the wound that doesn't
disappear through life, to my memory circuit. )
The skiff quietly approaches the wall of the stern side.
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