' Ah? That's strange, pyon....! '
Lieutenant colonel Yu Otomo in the lunar base suspiciously inclines the head.
' Yu, please don't say "pyon" when we are working seriously. Our morale falls
very much, meow! '
' Major Meah, often you also say " Meow! Meow! ", don't you? ' Yu said.
' Meow!  This is my inborn predisposition. ' Meah smiled.
In the Earth space-navy lunar base constructed on "Sea of Tranquility" of
the moon, Lieutenant colonel Yu, android Major Meah, and 3000 robot soldiers
sent from Iyapopolis are stationed. The lunar base is the supply point to the
earth fleet.
Since the earth fleet began to fight at the Jupiter's orbit, Lieutenant colonel
Yu and Major Meah who wear the original uniforms of lunar base, have been
standing by in the command-room.
' Meow, the space battle is almost even..... Being damaged considerably, both
fleets still keep their best shooting. Meow! '
Moving large triangular ears, Major Meah reads out the latest information
sent from battleship Annapurna. She is the younger sister of Mena who works
at Iyapopolis central hospital. She is also a cat-android made by Dr. Moro-O.
' The electric transporting machine has been prepared so that always that can
accept the persons who take shelter from the space battleships,, Because
Chris-class robots can fly directly in the space, we should launch the moon-
shuttles.... '
' Meow. From the No.1 to No.8 moon-shuttles have been launched to the lunar
orbit. The No.3 and No.9 are being repaired, so all moon-shuttles which we can
use now were already launched. Meow. '
' By the way, what is strange? Yu. '
' Oh, yes.... '
Pointing at one of the screens, Lieutenant colonel Yu shows the suspicious
expression again.
' The signal from Staff-Colonel Tris who had been approaching here disappeared
suddenly, pyon... Because it's a little too early to use up the builtin battery, she
might have been damaged seriously..... '
Turning round and round the pupils which are like the cats-eyes, Major Meah is
reasoning something.
' Meow... The enemy's landing fleet which disappeared after dividing from the
attack fleet already may have come near! Perhaps, they might be using a special
 camouflage so that we cannot discover them by optics or by the electric wave. '
' Surely?! .... Do you say that Colonel Tris encountered that fleet?..... '
Yu was surprised, and through the stiffened glass of the dome, Yu stared at the
space where the stars are scattered.... But the blue earth is floating quietly and
no strange thing can be seen.
' I can see no strange thing..... We might worry too much. But as a precaution, let's
send an alert to Iyapopolis on the earth, and 3 Babel electromagnetic fortresses,
pyon! '
' Meow, OK! ... Yu, please don't say " pyon. " Meow. '
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