Commander Iyan and Yadopi received the warning from the lunar base, on the top
of the electromagnetic fortress Babel-01 which is being constructed at the southern
part of Sahara desert.
' It seems that Yu of lunar base has made one of the moon-shuttle go to the point
where the signal of Colonel Tris disappeared. Well... What shall we do? Iyan. '
' Pao! The completion rate of Babel-01 is 82 percent, and the completion rates of 02
and 03 are 70 percent or more. They have already had the considerable performance
, pao. But... '
' Oh, yes. The timing is very difficult! '
' Pao! When three Babel electromagnetic fortresses start to be operated, the
communication between the earth and the lunar base becomes interrupted, and
serious trouble occurs at all computers, pao. If we operate them too early, we
and the lunar base and the earth fleet become to unable to communicate with
each other, and each will be isolated! Moreover, the moon shuttle will become
to unable to search for Colonel Tris, pao. '
' If the start of operation is too late, the majority of the camouflaged Piyo-Piyo
fleet might land on the earth before we notice. How about starting the operation
in about one hour, after sending lunar base and the earth fleet the previous
notice? Or, should we wait for the result of the search for Colonel Tris? .... I think
that we should start operation as early as possible. ' Yadopi said.
' Poporin is...... Poporin is with Colonel Tris, Pao. '
Commander Iyan remembers his friend, and is hesitating.
' Iyan!! Now the earth is in crisis! You understand, don't you? '
' Pao. Do you think that the guy who cannot save even one friend can save the
 earth? I don't know that, pao... '
' Because Marshal Gohojo and the earth fleet are fighting well, enemy's main fleet
is losing their power for attack. With this electromagnetic fortress, if we can stop
the Piyo-Piyo landing force, the war will become agglutinative. Then, let's make
peace by the negotiation without fail. Please determine, Iyan! '
Iyan is looking at the far sky.
' Pao. For only another 3 hours, we keep searching. '
' OK. The construction of three fortresses is discontinued at the current situation.
We prepare so that we start operation all together in three hours. We'll send
the action schedule to the lunar base and to the fleet, then we tell them to keep
combatting by themselves. The communicating method after the starting of the
operation of the fortress becomes only the light signal of the searchlight. Then,
let's begin! ' Yadopi said.
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