Immediately after sending the alert to the earth, Lieutenant colonel Yu and
Major Meah went to search for Poporin and Colonel Tris, riding the remaining
preliminary Moon-shuttle 'Lunar-10'.
The 'Lunar' series moon-shuttles are the latest compact spaceships which
were developed by the Space-Railroad Office in 3002. Lunar-10 can shuttle
in the moon and space, and can rush into the atmosphere of the earth. But
when flying away from the earth, it is necessary to be connected with a
supplementary rocket.
' Yu, Ran who is the assistant of Mr. Yadopi says with radio that they will start
operation of the electromagnetic fortress after 3 hours! Meow! '
' Wow! That 's too early, isn't it? Ah, we have to hurry up, pyon! '
The silver shuttle is accelerated, and is rushed in the space.
' Meow.... At this point, their signal disappeared. We spent about 1 earth-hour
to come here, meow. We'll need 1 hour for going back to the lunar-base, so
we can search for them only 1 hour!! When the electromagnetic fortress starts
to be operated, we'll be unable to return to our base, meow. '

' Yes, I know... There is no reaction on the radar screen...... But, Ah ha?? That's
strange, pyon!! '
Major Meah stared the point which Yu pointed, and she noticed that at this
point the density of the star is higher than other place.
' Meow? Is that the Milky Way? But that's strange direction! '
' Let's go more, and let's try researching, pyon! '
' Yu, please be careful about the remaining time, meow. '
' OK. I trained many times, and I can land on the moon without electric
equipments, so we are all right..... '
Toward the mysterious stars, Lunar-10 dashes like a silver arrow.
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