After Lieutenant Colonel Yu and Major Meah had advanced in space to examine the
strange stars, they came to the place which is considerably far from the lunar base.
' Ah! What time is it now, pyon?! '
' Oh, no! Meow, the fortress will start operation soon!! '
At the moment when Lunar-10 made U]turn and tried to go back to the lunar base,
the strong magnetic-wave was discharged to the cosmos.

' The function of the three-dimensional monitors has stopped! ' Colonel Chris reported.
' Hum... Can the magnetic storm reach to such a far space....?! '
In the bridge of battleship Annapurna which is fighting at the Jupiter orbit, Marshal
Gohojo and others are surprised at the monitors which lost the function.
Mixed with the electronic sound which is like the sand storm, the faint sound is heard. 
Dot.... Dot.... Dot.... Dot....
' What is this sound? ' Marshal Gohojo wondered.
' It seems that the hull of battleship Annapurna is vibrating with the magnetic wave. ' Colonel
Paris answered.
The mysterious sound was heard not only by the crew of Earth Fleet, but also by the
crew of Piyo-Piyo fleet, Lieutenant Colonel Yu and Major Meah in Lunar-10, the fleet
of Mejor General Poe, and Iyan and Yadopi on the earth...... All of them were
surrounded by the sound.
The reason was unknown, but all person who heard the sound settled down and felt happy.
' .... That's strange! My fighting morale is being lost quickly..... '
Marshal Gohojo said and Colonel Chris nodded.
' That sound is just like the motor sound of the factory in which I was born. '
In the battleship Piyoda which is the flagship of the Piyo-Piyo fleet, Marshal
Knedfoodsky recalled something and cried.
' Piyo! This sound is my mother's sound which I heard when I was still in the egg! '
' That's like the sound in womb, pyon... Why was such sound generated?? '
Lieutenant Colonel Yu inclines the head.
An object like a hazy cloud appears in front of all people, and that object becomes
a human shape gradually.
The sound of guns have already stopped.
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