The hazy object clearly made the shape of mankind before long.
' Ah! That's a girl clothing sexy-cut suits!! '
Lieutenant Colonel Yu, I am not 'a girl clothing sexy-cut suits', but the spirit of the earth.
From somewhere, the soft voice was heard.
Since the beginning, I was seeing the war between the earth people and the Piyo-Piyo
people.... Then I got the support of the magnetic wave of the electromagnetic fortress,
and succeeded in sending my image now.

The appearance of the mysterious person was clearly seen from the both of
the fleets on the Jupiter orbit.
Everyone of Piyo-Piyo, nice to meet you! Welcome to the earth. Let's live together
on this planet.

' Wow! Do you say that you are the spirit of the earth?! But, why do you say
welcome..? '
Marshal Gohojo of the earth fleet was flurried, and objected.
I know that the solution by the power comparison is a simple rule that is available for any
living thing. But this is the rule of beast that do not have the language. Now you should get
some new rule, I think.....

The independent and intellectual living thing know that the freedom and the responsibility
are the same thing. They are both sides of the self-control, aren't they?

Marshal Knedfoodsky nodded deeply, and said.
' ......I see, piyo. Piyo-Piyo people need not rely on military power. By our own action,
we can prove that we are the independent living thing who can be trusted, piyo! '
The spirit of the earth smiled, and waved her finger silently.
' Wow?? Ah.... Well.... '
While Marshal Gohojo was surprised and tried to say something, earth and Piyo-
Piyo fleets' main guns and the offensive weapons on the earth disappeared suddenly.
' Woooow! ... O, of course, earth mankind will prove that without fail! '
..... OK. Then, I'll give you a present.
After the spirit of the earth who is beckoning, the both of the fleets which don't
have the main guns approach the earth......
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