The bottom of the sea has upheaved at the center of the Pacific Ocean (in which there
is no island originally), and a huge continent which had not been known appeared.
It seems that the new-born continent is as large as the Africa continent, and has many
high mountains and vast plains.
' Wow! When did such a continent appear? .... Is this the present of the earth?? '
Poporin who returned from the frozen hibernation and Colonel Tris who has been
repaired are looking at this mysterious occurrence with Major General Poe, in the
bridge of heavy cruiser Rapion. They have already become friends.
' Poh.... I still cannot believe in this. By chance, a huge change of the earth's crust
might have occurred..... The person whom we saw a little while ago might be an
eidolon, poh.
But, if the earth accepts Piyo-Piyo people, I hope that this continent is the place
where both people live happily together, poh. '
' I also think so. Perhaps, we are the first discoverers of this new continent. After
Major General Poe who is the commander of this fleet, let's name this continent
Poe-continent. At first, let's execute the flood controls and afforesting together!
Then, this continent will become an affluent place before long. ' Poporin said.
Colonel Tris was surprised at the huge power of nature, but it seems that she
still cannot believe what happened.
' .... By the function of the imagination-circuit, my electronic-brain is able to
guess and imagine. But, can my electronic-brain dream? Is this a reality?.......
Isn't this a dream made by the reckless driving of my imagination-circuit?
Ah, this must be a dream without fail.... '
The fleet slowly approaches surface of the earth.
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