Noticing that the earth fleet is moving to the fleet of small battleships, chief-stuff
 Lieutenant General Pender came to battle cruiser Piyoler which is the flagship of
the 3rd fleet, in a hurry by teleportation.
' Major Coo-Pigeon, all enemy's fleets head for here, pen. Prepare for the
mobilization of the Piyo-Rina robot corps, pen. '
In the hangar of battle cruiser Piyoler, the Piyo-Rina robots which were already
checked and completed the maintenance are lined up silently.
' Coo! Yes, sir. Each battle cruiser is carrying 4 Piyo-Rina robots. The system
 of all 20 Piyo-Rina robots will be started at once, coo. '
Major Pigeon who commands the Piyo-Rina corps which is the strongest robot
-arms in the Piyo-Piyo navy answered clearly. But, she shows an anxious
' This fleet is loaded with a large amount of civilians who are frozen-hibernating,
so the strong impact must not be received by the combat, coo....  Therefore,
Piyo-Rina corps have to fight at the place far from this fleet. But we have the
fuel for only about 0.5 battles. Coo. '
' I know that, pen. '
Lieutenant General Pender explains politely to Major Pigeon.
' Because the advance force failed in the negotiation, we are fighting with the
earthling now. But, I think that I myself will go to negotiate again, pen. '
' Lieutenant General Pender, are you yourself going to...? '
' Yes, pen. I'll describe the distress of Piyo-Piyo people who lost the mother
planet. I want them to understand that. ... But we are fighting now. And
if the fuel for the frozen-hibernation is exhausted, Piyo-Piyo people will be
exterminated. We mustn't forget that, pen! The 1st and 2nd fleet which have
large-scale battleships and are going straight to the earth are too far from
here, so we cannot rely on them now, pen. '
' Coo... I understand. Originally, the Piyo-Rina robots were built for the
construction work in the space, so it's unknown whether their artificial
intellect endure the combatting. But, I shall defend our fleet without fail,
coo! '
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