Battleship Chomolungma and the earth fleet are advancing in the space, aiming
at the Piyo-Piyo fleet which is composed with a lot of small battleships.
' An urgent report from ANDES which is the flagship of the transportation-fleet was
received. '

' OK, Colonel Tris. Please project the images onto the 7th panel. '
Marshal Gohojo answered, and a Chris-class android officer with green hair
appeared on a corner of the all surrounding monitor soon.
' This is Coronel Morris who is the captain of transporter Andes. .... Just now, A general
of the Piyo-Piyo navy boarded Andes by the teleportation as a
military envoy! '
' What?! ... What does that mean? '
' It seems that he came to the nearest and large-scale spaceship of the earth to talk about
the avoidance of our battle. He want to meet you, Marshal Gohojo. '

' Hum.... '
' Marshal Gohojo, that might be a trap. Please consider the possibility of the suicide bomb
attack! '

The Chris-class officer with purple hair appears on another panel, and advises.
' Piyo-Piyo fleet might be carrying the civilians... You should meet him, I think.'
The officer with the fair hair said. After considering for a while, the strategy
staff Colonel Chris said calmly.
' If there is the possibility that we can solve without war, we mustn't throw away the
possibility, I think. We soldiers should clearly distinguish between the case in which we
should fight and the case in which we shouldn't fight. '

' I also think so.... OK. I'll go to Andes. Please prepare the electric-transporting
machine. '
' Wow! Please take us! We want to know the result of the meeting. '
Leaving battleship Chomolungma to Colonel Tris, Marshal Gohojo and Colonel
Chris went to the electric-transporting machine. Poporin and Junko ran after
them at once.
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