' Coo, good morning, Piyo-Rina 7. '
Hearing the voice of Major Pigeon who is her friend, Piyo-Rina 7 whose switch has
already been turned on and whose system was started awake in the dark hangar.
' Piyo. Major Pigeon...... Good morning, piyo! '
Because the fuel is too less, Piyo-Rina 7's system was launched for the first time
in 3 years. Looking at Major Pigeon, she smiled and asked.
' Today's lessons are mathematics and Piyo-Piyo language, aren't they? Piyo? '
' Piyo-Rine 7, please listen to me. To tell the truth, the sortie preparation instruction
was announced officially, coo.... The war might start, coo. '
' War? '
Suspiciously, Piyo-Rina 7 watches Major Pigeon's tensed face.
' Coo. That might be only the instruction of preparation. Lieutenant general Pender
went for the talking about the peace. I wish that the real sortie instruction won't be
announced. coo. '
' .... Piyo? I have never heard the word WAR. I have not learned yet, piyo. '
' Coo?! Piyo-Rina 7, you are an autonomous combat-robot, coo! '
' In my autonomous electronic brain, the memories not used disappear gradually, piyo.
I'll learn hard, and I wish to be a school teacher, piyo. '
Major Coo-Pigeon was shocked to know that Piyo-Rina's combat-system came not
to work at all after the long voyage.
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