Transport ship Andes is the largest spaceship in 27 transport ships accompanying
the earth battleship fleet. The transport fleet has been fully loaded of the fuel and
the bullets, and supports the battleship fleet till immediately before the battle begins.

Marshal Gohojo, Junko, and Poporin who had arrived at Andes with the electric
transporting machine were guided to the officer-standby room. And, they found
that 3 Piyo-Piyo people are standing straight and stiff there.

' ....Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Gohojo who is the commander of this fleet. '
' Pen, I'm sorry for our sudden visit. I'm Pender who is Lieutenant general of Piyo-
Piyo space-navy. Pen. '
When the general who introduced by himself as Pender spoke words, the meaning
appiered in the mind of Marshal Gohojo, Junko, and Poporin. It seems that he is
using also telepathy.
' Pen, we Piyo-Piyo people lost our mother planet, and we arrived at here at last,
after a long long voyage. Please consider about our situation. And wouldn't you
please permit us through here, pen? '
Marshal Gohojo, Junko, and Poporin were perplexed, and they looked at each other.
' It seems that there are serious circumstances. Could you speak them in detail?....
And while we are talking, we should stop the advance of both our fleets, I think.
How about that? ' Marshal Gohojo answered.
' Piyo, piyo, piyo..... '
' Pen. ........Pen. '
The Piyo-Piyo general and others began consultation.
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