When commander Iyan and Junko and Poporin recovered from the illusion
attack of Piyo-Piyo space aliens, the yellow Piyo-Piyo and the pink Piyo-
Piyo have already gone by the teleportation.
' No good! Next time, they will attack us by all of their military power. Let's
send an alert to the earth fleet at once! ' Poporin said.
' Pao! After the declaration of war mail came, I sent alert soon. Now the fleet
has gathered at the 3rd Ragranje space-dock. ' Iyan answered.
' We the Earth Defense Corps also should go! ' Junko said.
They run toward the electric-transporting room in the 42nd floor of the
Peach-Cross tower at once.
' Welcome to space-battleship Chomolungma! 217 warships of the earth
fleet have already completed the replenishment of the fuel and ammunition.
We can make a sortie at any time. ' The man in black coat greeted them.
The front, back, left and right and the top and bottom, the bridge of battleship
Chomolungma which is the flagship of the earth fleet, is surrounded by huge
screens. And the bridge looks being floating in space.
' Pao! Chomolungma is the new battleship completed this year, and has amazing
equipment! Are you Marshal Gohojo? '
' Yes, Mr. commander Iyan of Iyapopolis. Since the moment when the earth
 defense corps arrived at here, the commander of all Earth-Fleet is you.
I am Marshal Gohojo who captain the earth fleet. The black hair android
is Colonel Tris who is the information staff, and the vermilion hair android
is Colonel Chris who is the strategy staff. '
' Two staffs look younger than I..... ' Junko was surprised.
' I'm the 1st, and Tris is the 2nd machine of the Chris-Class android boarding all
warships. And we are veteran soldiers who serve in the
space-navy for 30 years.
Our study-type computer will surely be useful
in all strategies. '
When Colonel Chris with vermilion hair is speaking, Colonel Toris with black
hair who is watching the 3-dimension radar display said with strained voice
' The Piyo-Piyo fleet on the Saturn orbit has started moving! '
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