The 1st operational command of Piyo-Piyo navy moved to the combat command
room of battleship-Piyoda. And they began the meeting for 'The second strategy'
at once. On the map projected onto all aspects of the floor, marshal Kneadfoodsky
begins to speak looking at the members by his large eyes.
' Piyo! First of all, let's clearly unite our strategy purposes in the intentions. We
execute the following in emperor His Majesty's name.
1. We get the territory on the planet earth, and make the migration at least more
than half the number succeed among 1.7 billion surviver of Piyo-Piyo people, piyo.
2. Though we do not necessarily aim at the conquest of local living things on the
earth, if they obstruct our migration, we exclude them by military power, piyo.

Pender the Chief of the General Staff has made the scenario to achieve
these, piyo. '
' Yes, sir! Basically, we defeat the earth fleet which intercepts us by the fleet war
in space, and we obtain bridgeheads in the Amazon flow area where the defense is
most undermanned and clement on the earth. Then we maintain the occupation for
a long term in order to make it our territory by the diplomatic negotiation, pen. '
In this scenario, there are two important items.
(1) We have to win by the fleet battle. And we should make our immigrant fleet
land on the earth without losing them.
(2) We have to find the negotiator as soon as possible. And we should make peace
in advantageous terms before prolonging the protracted struggle after we land.
Either failure of them is fatal for us, pen. '
Marshal Kneadfoodsky nodded to the basic strategy plan of Pender.
' Then, how do we solve those 2 items, piyo? '
Diminutive Staff Parakeetman stood up, and he began to speak the concrete strategy
' According to the information from the command force, our fleet has so many ships
than our enemies, piyo. However, almost all of five million small battleships were fully
loaded with the private immigrant. The number of ships which can participate in the
fleet battle is only about 300, and it's about 1.5 times the enemy, piyo.
Therefore, we'll choose the warships with the largest war potential, and form the
feint and shock force. Then, we make them advance straight toward the earth.
While the earth fleet is intercepting this, the assault landing force goes to the earth
taking a roundabout way by the sun, pursuing the course which is a little far from
the revolution-face, piyo.
The fleet organization is scheduled as follows, piyo.

Piyoler class battle cruiser  50
High speed, and the main guns are
the same as the battleship. But the
defense armor is thin.


Piyo-Piyo class small battleship
One small laser gun is installed.
All ships have been fully loaded with
civilian's immigrant.


Piyoda class battleship  80
The same type warship of Piyopiyon
which was damaged seriously. The latest,
super battleship built in space.


Piyoyon class cruiser  120
Medium warships excelling in mobile power.

Piyos class aircraft carrier  50
About 70 offensive small spaceships are
installed. There are three kinds of carrier
-based aircrafts (the air superiority fighter,
the warship bombers, and the planet
bombers). The color of the airframe is

' To defend the earth from the attack, the earth fleet have to intercept the feint
shock force with a large war potential. Even if they intercept the landing force,
the landing force is advancing in the area where gravity acts complicatedly,
avoiding the revolution-face, piyo.
Mutually time for the ballistic calculation of the ray-arms is slightly required, and
those hit rates will fall. If both hit rates fall, it's advantageous for our fleet that tries
to do the forcing breakthrough.
Thus, we decrease the possibility that the immigrant fleet receives damage, piyo.
Even if the landing-ships are bombarded from the earth when landing, the 90% or
more ships will be able to land, we guess. '
' How do we find the diplomatic negotiator, pen? '
' Yes..... Although I only explore the possibilities, I think that I'll meet directly the
earthlings who came in contact with the command force, piyo. '
' OK! '
Marshal Kneadfoodsky strongly said looking at Chief Staff Pender and Parakeetman.
' Start preparation at once so that the strategy may begin at 23 Piyo-Piyo o'clock
today, piyo! Act remembering firmly the fact that there is no 'The next chance' in this
strategy which uses all our war potentials.
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