Yelling, Iyan shook down the stick. And the stick just hitted the
watermelon which is floating in the air.
' Piyo!? He hitted it! '
Piyo-Piyo space aliens thought that Iyan was not able to hit the watermelon
which has the pattern of earth, but he hitted! Piyo-Piyo space aliens were
surprised at Commander Iyan's drastic decision, and was popeyed.
To tell the truth, this watermelon is a part of the spiritual energy support device
installed on battleship PIYOPIYON that is their mothership. And this watermelon
was sending the energy for the illusion attack from the distance of space to two
soldiers of the Piyo-Piyo navy.
The Commander Iyan's attack to the watermelon gave big damage to battleship
PIYOPIYON at the center of Pioy-Piyo leading fleet that lurked in the vicinity
of the orbit of the Saturn.
' Piyo! The spiritual energy support device was destroyed. Destruction due to the
explosion reaches the most external armor, and damage is still expanding, piyo! '
' In the emergency, close from the 228th partition to the 532nd partition! Discharge
air to outboard after all soldiers in the division that received damage take shelter,
and extinguish fire, piyo. '
At the first Directorate of Operations on the flagship that keeps exploding with
roaring sound, heads of the Piyo-Piyo navy are getting the failure of the illusion-
attack in unpleasant expressions.
' Piyo, the illusion cannot be maintained any longer. Withdraw the command force
by the teleportation at once, piyo!! '
' Piyo. Let's move the flagship function and the command office to battleship Piyoda.
And let's begin the preparation for the second strategy, piyo. '
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