Piyo-Piyo space aliens were standing at the center of the round room of the 3rd floor. When Poporin and others saw from the inside of the room, the wall of the top floor of the tower looked transparent. So they saw the dazzling wide sea outside the wall.
' Welcome, the Earth Defense Corps! Piyo! Now, can you beat this watermelon? '
' The... The pattern of this watermelon is.....!? '
A large watermelon with strange patterns is floating at the center of the room.
' Hum... This pattern is the earth, isn't it? Do you think that by such petty tricks you can obstruct our beating the watermelon?! ' Poporin said.
' OK. I'll beat! Pao!! '
Iyan raises the stick high.
' Please stop! Piyo-Piyo space aliens might have linked the true earth to this watermelon by some technologies. Not only the watermelon but also the earth might get broken! This must be the trap, I think..... ' Junko said.
' Wow.... Can such technologies exist? ' Poporin asked Junko.
' I don't know. But I feel a very bad presentiment. '
' Piyo? Can you beat, or not? '

What does commander Iyan do?
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