Yelling, Iyan shook down the stick. And the stick just hitted Poporin's head.
' Wow! Why do you hit me?! '
Poporin was shocked, and fainted.
( Hum... Where is here? )
Poporin awoke, and he found that he is lying on the cold floor.
( Wow! This place is the intensive-control room of Peach-Cross tower. Commander Iyan, good job! He hitted me, and he liberated me from the illusion, I guess. )
Poporin looked around silently. Piyo-Piyo space aliens are concentrating their mind on the illusion attack. And it seems that they don't notice Poporin's awaking.
( Perhaps, the chance is only one time. If I'm caught by their illusion again, I will not be able to endure the trauma-attack..... )
 To avoid the noticing of Piyo-Piyo space aliens, Poporin slowly takes the Sodom class nuclear-fusion pistol from the holster of his waist.
Sodom-class nuclear-fusion pistol is the arm that generates the normal-temperature nuclear fusion reaction by the antigravity technology. And the radiation is hardly generated. Usually the output is suppressed, and this pistol is set to the paralysis mode.
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